Profound change through personalised therapy sessions.

I provide a personalised therapy session service for those who want to take their therapy sessions to the next level.

By making a therapy session personal to the client the impact is greatly enhanced and the benefits sink in far deeper and more quickly. The changes experienced can be profound. These personal sessions are just like what you’d experience if having a face to face session with me as a hypnotherapist.

My regular client therapy fees are £60 per hour making this a potentially expensive option for many people. However I am able to offer these powerful personalised therapy sessions for just £35.

Each session is constructed with you in mind, it’s created specifically for you and you are involved in the process from the start. A full pre consultation process is undertaken allowing you to tell me exactly what it is you need help with and a little bit about yourself, all of which allows me to create you the perfect fit personalised therapy session. The first step is the completion of a pre screening Client Questionnaire, this is mandatory for all personalised and face to face sessions. You can download a copy here.

Contact me at if you need my help.

Take your therapy to the next level now.

One to one sessions.

For clients who wish to have one to one therapy sessions please contact me directly at

You will need to complete a pre screening Client Questionnaire, you can download a copy here.

I charge a fixed hourly rate of £60 for both hypnotherapy and IEMT work. Payment is required in advance.

For hypnotherapy the first session is 90 minutes to allow for pre hypnotherapy consultation work, further sessions if required run for 60 minutes.

For IEMT the first session is 120 minutes, further sessions if required run for 60 minutes.

Commercial use sessions.

For those who need a session creating for commercial use in your own projects or business ventures email me at outlining your requirements and we can take things from there. All commercial client work gives you full ownership of the session to do with as you wish without any further payments to myself other than the fee for creating the session itself.