Welcome to the free resources area.

You will find a range of sessions and files that you have 100% free access to for your own personal use, for commercial use please contact me at pete@anxietybuster.co . Come back often as the content is growing!

Remember do not use any hypnotherapy or relaxation products whilst driving or operating machinery.

CFS and ME healing: Specific frequencies built into the session specifically designed to deal with CFS and ME related issues. (238 downloads)


Headache relief: a specially constructed session incorporating frequencies to relive tension and headaches. (221 downloads)


Dimensions: 60 minutes of wonderful deep meditation music. (255 downloads)


Deep meditation: 30 minutes of powerful deep meditation for relaxation, therapy, mindfulness and chilling out. (266 downloads)


20 minutes relaxation in the forest: Enjoy the peace and tranquillity of a relaxing time in the forest. (381 downloads)


Capture your anxiety: A self help sheet to capture your anxious moments and work out what's going on behind the scenes. (216 downloads)


Creativity daydreaming and intuition (179 downloads)


Swallowing pills is easy (197 downloads)


Sinus congestion relief (201 downloads)


Mental tasks and spatial activity (173 downloads)


Mental fatigue relief (186 downloads)


Mellow the room (179 downloads)


Mindfulness quiz (175 downloads)


Forest relaxation (306 downloads)


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